About Us

This is Us....

We are Gary and Julia Alden. We have a love of furniture and a flare for design of both new and old pieces.  Watch this site as we grow and we can't wait to share all of our great projects!

Julia Alden, the painter and designer
Julia Alden, the painter and designer
Gary Alden, the master of woodworking
Gary Alden, the master of woodworking
Julia & Gary Alden

Doing what we love

We have a deep love of restoration and decorating.

With each piece of furniture, we are able to look past the flaws and see its beauty and appreciate the workmanship. We get a clear vision of how it will look when finished  ... and that is our gift!!

We absolutely love to preserve the wood by refinishing, but sometimes we also paint.

We offer items that have been refinished, refurbished and made beautiful!

We'd love to work with you on a custom piece or family heirloom. (Contact us here)

-Julia & Gary Alden


Our Story....August 2015

We had dabbled in furniture refinishing. By that I mean that the hubs, we'll call him "Alden", would take a piece that I would bring home and put into action my vision (usually after a little more explaining).

Then, this wonderful, well-built, home built in 1972 came into our lives.  Things forever changed.  Work in the house, tools needed to do updates, knowledge of how things were made, and bringing items in the house with an updated look.  We'll blame and cherish the day of this home ownership.

We got hooked to all things DIY and repurposing!

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