Restoring A Wood Desk

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All Mine! Cherry Wood Desk Makeover

Sometimes, it’s what you take off; sometimes it’s what you put on that counts. As I write this, I’m sitting at my wood desk in our family room. There’re various books, a light, a router, and my PC.

 What was originally on this wood desk was a TON of old varnish, years of abuse and just dirt. We bought it for a whopping $10.00 at the local thrift store. It was behind some other pieces and covered up with boxes. 

Again, it’s what’s on it that counts.

The stuff on it had caused other people to overlook it. But, I saw something more – I saw what looked like a diamond in the dirt. My wife saw me checking it out and asked me if I thought it would be a good piece for us to refinish and sell. 

“Nope,” I said. “This one’s mine.”

Wood Desk Makeover-Sanding-Alden Design Studios_

 After about 6 hours of sanding with 80 grit paper, the old finish was coming off and leaving a nice veneer finish. (I was careful not to be too aggressive in sanding, or it would have “bit” too deeply and ruined the veneer.) 

Wood Desk Makeover-Drawers-Alden Design Studios_

It actually looked like cherry, and the whole wood desk was more solid than it first appeared. I finished sanding with 120 grit paper and decided to go with a cherry stain. 

Wood Desk Makeover-Top-Alden Design Studios_

Wood Desk Makeover-Stained Top-Alden Design Studios_

I kept being surprised by how well it took stain, and how well the varnish gave it a nice, deep shine.

Wood Desk Makeover-After-Alden Design Studios_

 Once completed, this cherry wood desk came inside to its own place in our family room. I’ve slowly added things back onto it.  A blotter, a pencil jar, and a few small other things. The difference is now, the things are staying on it, and this wood desk is staying here. 

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