Cabinet to Coffee Bar In No Time At All!

Finished Coffee Bar by Alden Design Studio

Coffee Bar Anyone??

I see open shelving, I see an off-white color, I see a new life for this old cabinet.        

I see a beautiful coffee bar!

It is amazing what will fit in the “boot” of my SUV. Yes, many years ago I was introduced to the word “boot” instead of trunk (or in this case, liftgate), as the “boot.” So, into the boot of my SUV went this wonderful little treasure that I came upon in October 2016! I was so lucky to find this one, and I knew it! 

Cabinet Before by Alden Design Studio

This old cabinet needed a good cleaning, but all-in-all was not in bad shape. The drawers needed a little “shelving rails” that my local home improvement store was very happy to provide, and I had to learn how to install them (explanation – had the hubby install because this was just not “clicking” in my head). 

Rails complete – oh yeah! 

Taking things apart is one of my favorite things to do; however, re-assembly, not-so-much. I was very excited that these doors would not be returning to this piece!! After removal, we decided to block cut the bottom apron. So glad the hubby loves me and loves to cut with that circular saw. I must admit, I am a bit apprehensive of that saw. I give him plenty of room when he starts with that saw. While waiting for the cut, my wheels were “a-spinning” for the color combination. I found myself wanting a deep dark stain color on the top and an off-white base. So, I went over the piece with my palm sander (that I absolutely love) from my local home improvement store and had my mahogany gel stain ready. 

Finished Coffee Bar by Alden Design Studio

A quick order from Amazon for the cup pulls and a quick trip to the Hobby Lobby on a mission for “dark” colored baskets and Viola-I had a coffee bar! Sometimes I find myself buying baskets just in case I need for a project. In this case, I “had” to find these for this piece. 

I just love the final product!

Coffee/Tea anyone?

Until next time…


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