Whoa!-Pause Right There! (DIY Four Door Cabinet)

White Four Door Cabinet-After-by Alden Design Studio

Building a Custom Four Door Cabinet

Weekend Home Improvement Shows and a cup (or 2) of coffee will help get the creative mind thinking.  Of course, we had other things to do (e.g., more furniture in the garage to be worked on, grass cutting, weeding flower beds, etc.), but right now, we were glued to HGTV (love that channel).  An episode of House Crashers came on and a flash of a four door cabinet they were building came into view.


Four Door Cabinet

“Whoa!! Stop!! Back up” is what came out of my mouth!!  “Wow, that is a very cool cabinet.” I then turned to Gary and immediately asked, “Do you think you could build one like that?”  After about 30 seconds of reviewing the picture he said, “Sure, I can make that”!  Woo Hoo!!

White Four Door Cabinet-process-by Alden Design Studio-2

So that afternoon the process began.  It was a lot of paint and we did not have our wonderful paint sprayer (Earlex)at the time, so this was all by hand.  It turned out Amazing!  The four door cabinet is not too deep, but just deep enough.  The storage at the bottom holds the “breakable” Christmas ornaments that I don’t have to box up!  It fits perfectly in our living room, and the piano hinged doors on this cabinet are so cool!  I love the frame edges around the doors.

White Four Door Cabinet-After2-by Alden Design Studio-2

Sometimes it just amazes me what my husband can do!

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CUSTOM FOUR DOOR CABINET_Wall Cabinet_ by Alden Design Studio




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