Framed Mirror-Simple to Impressive in Under $40!!

Framed Mirror Finished by Alden Design Studio

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall….Less than $35.00 in it and love it!

I had a vision, and I had the paint. I only needed the understanding and the construction from the hubby on this piece. We see these mirrors in our local stores for less than $10.00. They are great on the back of a closet door or somewhere out of the way to do that “check” of the fit of your clothes before you walk out into the world. This one, however, was going to be a little different. A framed mirror. 

Framed Mirror Design by Alden Design Studio

We decided to do a larger wood frame and wood backing on this mirror to make it a stand-up mirror. You’ve seen the shows on TV where they have a standing wood frame mirror there to make the room look larger right?  Well, that’s what we (meaning me) were going to do.

Framed Mirror Design-Frame Measure-Alden Design Studio

Framed Mirror Ready to Paint by Alden Design Studio

Joining corners with a 45-degree angle is NOT my “bag” or understanding or willingness…just throwing that out there. I just stood by ready to inspect and paint while the hubby did his work to make it ready for me to paint.  There is so much simplicity to this piece and yet, angles trip some of us up (yeah, me). 

Framed Mirror Finished by Alden Design Studio

I finished my part by painting it in a Moosehide Brown Chalky Paint, and it was ready to go to a new home…or so I thought. At most, we had $25 in materials and about $10 for the mirror. However the more I looked at this framed mirror, the more I just loved it. We do so many other projects, and yet, I was totally smitten by this piece. And then this also happened…I go into our local hobby store, and I see a framed mirror (same height and just a tad wider) in a not-real-wood frame for $169.99. 

Wait, what? A wood framed mirror with a price tag like this attached? I was shocked. 

It was at that moment, I decided this mirror would stay with us; I’m good with that. 

Have you ever completed a simple project that just “wowed” you?  This one sure did me.

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