Our Barn Treasure-An Oak Dresser!

Oak Dresser After by Alden Design Studio

An old painted oak dresser called out to me…

Oak Dresser by Alden Design Studio

Looking at this painted oak dresser from a distance for the very first time was incredible!  This amazing piece we rescued from an open-floor barn where it had been “stored” for at least 35 years.  No electricity in this barn, just lots of “stuff” that I was able to pick through and take home!  My family had stored lots of furniture items in this barn, I made sure this wood desk came home with me.  And, yes, of course, I checked for lead paint..whew – no lead.  Great!

Drawer restoration needed!

Once we got it home and looked it over closely, we noticed it was missing a drawer on the lower right side. In fact, all the drawers will need new drawer bottoms and a bit of cleaning to remove the nests of different critters who had once (or more) called this dresser home.

The drawer sides were not a “Dovetail” cut, nope! They were a “scalloped and dowel” method of joining the drawer sides. This type of joinery was a first for me!  Wow – This piece absolutely needed us!

The hubby made the updates to the drawers and installed a shelf where the missing door was and then added a bottom. A couple of drawer pulls were missing, and the rest were very brittle. The holes in these drawers were not the standard width of today. They were an odd size so we had to special order the pulls.

Once the paint was removed, the magic started to happen.  The beauty began coming through. We then stained this magnificent piece of furniture and added the special-order handles as a finishing touch. This wood desk is in our guest room and just makes me smile every time I see it.  The wood needed to be shown off…and I think it now does!

Oak Dresser After by Alden Design Studio

Hope you enjoyed this project.

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Oak Dresser by Alden Design Studio



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