DIY Wood Plate Rack

White Four Door Cabinet-After-by Alden Design Studio

A Christmas platter (but not of cookies) expanded to a custom plate rack

Three years ago, I bought my wife a platter for Christmas.  (I know she loves platters and decorative plates.)  Little did I know that would prompt her to ask for a rack to display them all.   Since I had a lot of loose pieces of wood, and a little leftover Luan paneling, I said, “Sure.”

Wood Plate Rack-Process2-by Alden Design Studio-2

The overall dimensions are roughly 79 1/2“ tall, 28“ wide, and 4 1/2“ deep.  I started by figuring how many shelves would fit comfortably and then used my table saw to cut some dadoes in the sides to hold the shelves.  (This was before I had a router table or any dado blades for the table saw.)  On each shelf, I again used the table saw to cut a plate holder channel at the front of the piece, about an inch in and about 1/8” wide and deep.

Once I had the basic shape squared up, glued, and nailed together, I added the back with the piece of 1/4” Luan and attached some ribs on the front made out of leftover pine in the shop.  (The air compressor and pin nailer were lifesavers on this project!)  I ripped the pine board into 3/4” strips and 1/2” thick.  I figured three ribs per shelf: enough to give it some protection, but not so much that it overpowered the piece.  (She’s going to want to see those decorative plates, you know!)

Once assembled, I painted it a bright white gloss enamel.  The white makes a great contrasting pop against the colors, and the gloss makes it easy to clean, too.

Wood Plate Rack-Process1-by Alden Design Studio-2

I marked out the studs and hung it in the kitchen near the doorway.  Then I added a piece of trim to it; I just thought it made a smoother transition to the wall.  Lastly, I added another piece of trim to the top to give it a more finished look.

White Four Door Cabinet-After-by Alden Design Studio

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