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Refinish Wood Furniture-Alden Design Studio

How to refinish wood furniture

This month, Julia got us a commissioned job; a friend of ours was moving and wanted us to refinish wood furniture used in her daughter’s bedroom. All the pieces had been painted a few years earlier in a solid, dark gray. The client wanted them all to be a nice, clean, flat white to start off in her new home.
Refinish Wood Furniture-Bed Before-Alden Design Studio
Headboard and drawers.

Refinish Wood Furniture Before-Alden Design Studio

Enter our new Earlex HV5500 sprayer.

We had purchased it a few months ago but hadn’t had a reason to use it, yet. This sprayer is a high volume, low-pressure sprayer – perfect for painting a lot of large surfaces like headboards, footboards, dressers, and a vanity.

Refinish Wood Furniture Spraying by Alden Design Studio
On to the repairs.

The bed rails needed to be repaired where the veneer had peeled. There also were spots that needed a little wood filler and sanding done on the vanity. (One vanity door needed a new edge piece attached to replace a splintered existing one.) A cedar bottom drawer in the dresser needed a larger finger hole drilled out because the old pull tab had long ago disappeared, and a larger one was requested.

Refinish Wood Furniture-Chips-Alden Design Studio
Restoring the hardware.
All the drawer hardware had been previously painted with the same dark gray paint.

Refinish Wood Furniture-Hardware-Alden Design Studio

Julia boiled all of the hardware and then shocked it in an ice bath to break the paint bond. She then wire-brushed clean and polished it all.

Refinish Wood Furniture-Hardware 2-Alden Design Studio

Once the hardware had several coats of paint (and a few spots covered in Kilz), it was ready to be reattached to the newly painted bedroom furniture. The refinished wood furniture now looked clean and classy.  Another happy customer!


Refinish Wood Furniture-After-Alden Design Studio

Refinish Wood Furniture-Bed After-Alden Design Studio

Refinish Wood Furniture-Bed After2-Alden Design Studio

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