Build a BookShelf Out of Old Shelving

It was August 13, 2016….and it was purple….very purple.

Bookshelf-Before-Alden Design Studio

I visited one of my favorite places about 35 minutes away and this lovely purple shelving unit was there just for me. It had to be because everyone would just walk on by without a second look. I saw it too and walked by, and then backed up to get another look. The price was so very reasonable….and it was screaming to me that it needed me!!  Paid, loaded, and we are on our way home! Hubby helps to unload it and you can imagine his look of surprise. “Well, what do we have here?”, he asks. I explained to him my vision of creating a bookshelf and the beauty it would be. It was all on me.

Bookshelf-first coat of paint-Alden Design Studios

So, after a good wiping down and the first coat of Kilz ™, it was now more baby blue than purple. Two more coats of Kilz ™ and we were ready to paint the final color, but first….a few things were needed.

In comes the hubby’s part.

The once very purple shelving unit needed a middle shelf and a backing to create the bookshelf I had envisioned. We had some beadboard leftover that would work great, but not with the “lines.”  So what do you do to make it work?  Easy, just turn it over and use the backside of the beadboard. Shelving installed, back installed and 2 coats of Vintage White applied. We now had a bookshelf.

Bookshelf-After1-Alden Design Studio


Love our pneumatic Bostitch nailer! It made quick work of installing extra shelves and backing. Vintage White Paint mixed with Chalky Powder made for great additional coverage and a look that made you stop in your tracks. Don’t you agree?

Bookshelf-After-Alden Design Studio

I decorated for Fall that year; contemplating whether the possession of this great bookshelf should stay with me. It did not; it went to a great home and we had another satisfied Alden Design Studio client.

Until next time…


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