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Wine Bar – Why Yes Please!

My husband would say, “My wife gets me in more stuff,” and he would be correct. So in the Fall of 2016, when a co-worker messages me to check out an old hutch that she is getting rid of, we are “there”! No matter that it is a good 35 minutes away, no matter that it is an old hutch. Nope – not even a consideration (in my mind). So, off we go in the truck (love that truck) to see that “hutch.” We arrive and the hutch is not in plain view, as you would think a hutch would be. We found it in the most interesting place- in a bedroom closet. Love that part!! 

We agree to a very reasonable sale, and then must finagle to get the hutch out of the closet without:

1) breaking the hutch

2) marring up the woodwork/trim in the closet and

3) hurting me or the hubby!

Success!! The hutch is out and coming home with us!

Wine Bar-Before-Alden Design Studios

It is totally curvy like an older hutch would be, and we have an idea for its final look. It will be a Wine Bar!! Yep – Can you see it? 

Wine Bar-Shelf Build-Alden Design Studio

First things first, off with the “cupboard” top by taking that wonderful saw to it and, of course, saving the cupboard part because you just never know when you will need it! We removed the curvy apron on this piece and decided to try a new look for the doors. 

Wine Bar-Door Grate-Alden Design Studio

Inside our local home improvement store is an item called a “furnace” screen. Basically, it is a sheet of metal with a decorative pattern. Honestly, we had never ever noticed this before and just happened to be standing right beside the end cap one day and looked up. 

Yep, the inserts to the bottom doors will be set with the furnace screen, and the hubby did a great job cutting this out and inserting the grate. 

Wine Bar-Door After1-Alden Design Studio

Next, a quick wood fill in the drawer holes and a relocation of silver cup pulls with a smooth look of gray paint to work with the silver in the furnace screen and pulls and wow! 

Wine Bar-Bottle Rack-Alden Design Studio

Lastly, we added a wine bottle holder inside. Now it’s ready for a new place that is not in a closet! We must show off the new look you know! 

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